Understanding etiquette and protocol can be a daunting experience. Professional social interactions are key to your success but can vary greatly based on country or industry. Lizzie is an expert in helping people turn small talk into big ideas, and big ideas into productive outcomes.

Lizzie can help you improve your ability to meet and greet, target key contacts, communicate effectively, and follow up successfully on your contacts. Lizzie has also conducted business across Asia-Pacific & The Middle East and can teach you invaluable skills in engaging with these key markets. If you want to succeed in a global marketplace then talk to Lizzie today.

Key topics we address include:

  • assertiveness
  • public speaking
  • verbal and non-verbal communication
  • using your voice effectively
  • handshakes
  • posture
  • eye contact
  • working the room
  • successful follow-ups
  • table manners
  • cross-cultural etiquette

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