The Lizzie Wagner Group has a distinguished roster of highly sought after Group Coordinators & Facilitators. These accomplished individuals are standouts in their fields and will energise your next corporate event, conference, or meeting with their invaluable knowledge and unique presence.

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Marietta’s strong background in retail, hospitality and customer service led to ten years of service as the Marketing Manager of the National Press Club of Australia.  She executes flawless events and her professionalism in coordinating the weekly press club address television broadcast, political and corporate events, glamorous galas and executive boardroom briefings to name a few.  Marietta built and maintains strong and trusted relationships with media and professionals of all political persuasions. Marietta has worked in media, corporate services, tourism, retail, small business and hospitality and is also committed to community engagement and uses some of her time to volunteer and support charitable organisations. Marietta has been proudly associated with the Lizzie Wagner Group for 20 years.

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After 24 years in the Australian Army, David re-trained as an actor in 2002.  Since then he has performed in a wide range of productions on stage, in film and television including the Channel Nine crime series Abe Saffron and the popular series Rake. In addition to numerous television commercials, he has also performed live role playing and presented sessions for the Corporate World. He has appeared in Families of Crime, Rake, Special Rescue Operations and is the face of the Royal Lifesaving campaign for swimming, Samsung and Canberra tourism.

His extensive experience sees him deliver corporate “live role play” with a range from communication skills, domestic violence to general negotiation skills and conflict resolution. Effective in delivery, entertaining and passionate David delivers alongside Lizzie Wagner; international keynote speaker and Managing Director of The Lizzie Wagner Group.

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Eric is passionate about developing people to reach their maximum potential - whether they are managers, directors, subject matter specialists, support staff or entrepreneurs.

His career started with an earth science degree and progressed through several universities before starting his own businesses. Over the past 30 years, Eric has directed five companies and consulted for organisations in Australia and over fifteen countries around the world. He holds Fellow status with the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has worked for both the Australian and US international aid agencies. With his diverse experience he has been engaged to present over 500 training workshops for the Australian, NZ and Canadian Institutes of Management and is a regular conference speaker at national and international events. He is regularly rated as one of the best speakers on participants' feedback sheets.

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Debora di Centa is a freelance dance-artist, specialized in Choreological Studies. Since 2004 she has worked as a contemporary dance teacher, choreologist, performer, choreographer and events curator. She began her career teaching in a private dance school in Italy. There, she taught ballet and was responsible for all the balletic courses from 2004 till 2009 in Studianzando A.S.P. Dance School in Tolmezzo (Ud), Italy. In 2008 she graduated from the A.I.D.A. with a Diploma in Academic Ballet Teaching at the AssociazioneInsegnantiDanzaAccademica, Milan (Italy). Between 2009 and 2010 Debora moved to London where she got a Diploma in Dance Studies/DDS at TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. From 2010 to 2013, she has specialised in the study of the logics of human movement in dance, Choreological Studies. She is among the first graduates from the Specialist Diploma in Choreological Studies at TrinityLaban, having developed an expertise in the Contemporary Developments of Laban’s Principles and Practice. She currently performs in her own productions and collaborates with other art-professionals. She would like to develop and expose her professional experience to promote contemporary dance-art, the study of human movement and the research and analysis of the development of Contemporary Performative Arts. She approaches her work from a Choreological Perspective. She gives courses and workshops for professionals as well as amateurs, children, and in schools.

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Community Psychologist FRANZCP FRCPsych

Presenter, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker

The principle role  of the community psychiatrist is to communicate matters relating to Mental Health by any means that might be available – Dr. Boulnois says he has been fortunate to be able to do so from places as disparate as the pulpits of cathedrals to a regular spot behind a microphone at the ABC , inclusive of “The Other Side of The Couch” and indeed many other places to many folks who have been kind enough to ask him to talk about the lessons that he has been privileged to learn from those who have sought to share their life’s experience with him.

There is so much to learn, especially within a society  that appears to be in the midst of so much change, seeking to redefine marriage, family and even community, but perhaps uncertain about what should take its place; as a result so many folk feel lost, they have no real idea precisely where and with whom they belong, and in consequence living seems to have become more a matter of surviving and have lost any real sense of meaning”.

Clearly, being told that you shouldn’t worry, it’s all a matter of having a “chemical abnormality in the brain” often feels like cold comfort indeed; there is no doubt that experts abound, even psychologists appear to have been thrust into the role of some kind of secular priest, complete with fast track mindfulness and tuition in deep breathing!

Dr Boulnois makes no claim to being another expert, even a guru, those jobs appear to have been taken – as a whole the folk he meets are more interested  in practical, down to earth, common sense advice, and he claims he has learn a great deal from them as well ! In other words, Doctor Julian’s quote “I have a couch, and will travel !”

Dr Boulnois can deliver a wide variety of topics, facilitate discussion and address personal and workplace issues around mental health and wellness. His voice and content knowledge makes for excellent broadcasting and a popular keynote speaker.

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Corporate Facilitator, Public Speaker, Author

Shane Horsburgh is an accomplished corporate facilitator, public speaker and author whose deep knowledge of people has far-reaching benefits for his audience. With two decades experience in leadership, problem solving and relationship building (particularly in frenetic environments), Shane has been engaged as a management consultant and workshop facilitator for clients within corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

In line with his philosophy of challenging the status quo, Shane has also become a pioneer in redefining the role masculinity plays within male dominant fields. Cultivated by his experience working in ‘macho’ environments, he has been engaged as a keynote speaker at the National Press Club as well as the Australian Federal Police Association and Civil Aviation Safety Authority National Conferences.  He also inspires young men in school talks and has given a highly regarded TEDx talk on the issue.

Whatever the audience, Shane brings energy, optimism and a natural flair for storytelling; all of which result in a natural ability to influence productive behaviours at all levels of an organisation.

See Shane in Action!

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E-Mail Productivity Specialist

Steuart Snooks is Australia’s leading E-mail Strategist & Workplace Productivity Expert. He currently works with Senior Executives and Business Owners, to help them get control of e-mail and restore it to its rightful place. His powerful tools facilitate improved personal productivity and effectiveness.

As a result of many years of `hands-on experience’ in the wine, restaurant, retail and wholesale industries internationally; (including vineyards and wineries in Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Congnac and Bordeaux).

Steuart's career has also encompassed; time management consultancy and workplace productivity. Steuart now works more specifically with e-mail-related issues and with those who are overloaded and crying out for practical, affordable solutions to the various challenges of e-mail productivity. Steuart has developed a series of workshops, presentations, webinars, coaching and associated resources that will show you and your team the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for mastering your e-mail.

Steuart has developed a series of workshops, presentations, webinars, coaching and associated resources that will show you and your team the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for mastering your e-mail.

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Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Business & Self Development Coach

Phillip Fernandez a passionate human being and widely known as the Human Strategist is Director and Founder of Wizard Business Consulting with over 25 years in the fast paced, high-powered corporate world of multinational companies in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Asia and North America. He has left a mark with companies that include Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Revlon, Redken and Esselte in positions that included National Sales Manager, General Manager and Human Resources Director.

With a successful career and a top performing sales person and performance leader, he’s well positioned to help you and your business thrive. He has also become a sought after speaker and trainer with forward thinking companies , franchise operations and multi operational retail groups who really place value in their people. He also writes articles for industry related magazines and publishes on LinkedIn on Excellence in People Performance.

Phillip has been recently featured in the international Motivational Speakers Australia and Motivational Speakers America books & online Magazine publication amongst 80 of the most well renowned speakers and trainers in the country and overseas. His topics include Leadership, Staff Empowerment, Team Building and Sales.

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Danny and his extraordinary team of performers absolutely wow the crowds nationally and internationally. His ability to captivate audiences from large corporate functions, special events and private soiree’s with impersonations of legends such as Elvis, Tom Jones, Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Louis Armstrong, Justin Timberlake, The Black Eyed Peas, Prince, Michael Jackson and Michael Buble.

Danny possesses an incredible vocal range, can play several instruments and has exceptional talent to cover all bases. Danny’s performances are further enhanced by his outstanding natural ability to dance. His entire team will keep you mesmerized and are sure to be the exuberant talking point and your function or corporate event. Danny can be booked solo or with any number of his other fine performance teams.

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Danny Faifai from EventsHD/RPB Productions on Vimeo.

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