Managing poor performers make up a significant amount of time in every manager's job. Through highly interactive 1 or 2 day -day programs, you will learn proven and successful strategies on how to manage underperformers, reduce absenteeism and stress in your workplace. You will discover factors causing low performance and absenteeism and understand how to address them immediately before they affect company’s performance and co-workers' morale. Find out how you can drive a high performance and positive attendance culture with effective employee engagement strategies and successful performance appraisal techniques, providing continual feedback to motivate and engage employees. In addition, participants will learn how to recognize sources of employee stress and find out how your HR processes and provisions can eliminate them. Participants will also discover best practices for employers to improve employee work-life balance and build workplace resilience. Throughout the course, you will be engaged in group discussions, practical exercises and case studies based on real life examples to enhance your learning experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and resolve underperformance and absenteeism issues in your organization
  • Find out how to conduct a successful performance appraisal for continuous improvement and motivation
  • Recognize major factors that hinder and drive employee engagement
  • Learn the signs and sources of stress and how it affect work performance and absenteeism
  • Discover how to improve employee work-life balance and build workplace resilience for higher workplace productivity
  • Find out what kind of HR processes and provisions you can put in place to turn the situation around for your underperforming and stressed up employee


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