This ever popular program is also known as Personal Style and Social Skills. Allow us to get you internationally ready for all the world has to offer. From image and brand to style and etiquette we have a 30 year reputation in delivering the most up to date, motivating and inspiring programs.

Unfortunately not everybody can achieve the 'model look' that is demanded by clients in the fashion industry; however, everyone has an intrinsic beauty that can only be enhanced by a course of this kind. The finishing school is ideal to promote greater confidence and self-esteem.  Image and presentation will be developed to the highest possible standard as is required within any competitive industry, and it can be very effective in other social and professional situations.

This can be delivered across corporate, private, group, schools , university and of course one on one and private tuition.  Check our calendar for public workshops.

Personal Style and Social Skills is designed  to promote confidence and self esteem and personal presentation.

Alongside Grooming and Deportment, the program also pays particular attention to presentation, image and etiquette, facing the work force with interview techniques, business etiquette and professional wardrobe.

Public speaking and stage craft can be included for the overall finish to your personal and professional needs.

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