The Finishing School

The Finishing School has been delivered in many forms by many service providers for centuries; to groom the participant with impeccable manners, charm and style. It  is one of our classic staple programs and Lizzie Wagner has run Finishing School programs for over 32 years, continually updating to deliver a modern interpretation of elegant life skills to assist in creating the finished and polished package.

Designed to promote confidence, self-esteem and personal presentation it incorporates topics such as grooming and deportment, posture and body language, image, wardrobe, etiquette, workplace readiness for the younger or career change and transitioning for the more mature. The program can also be inclusive and provide a comprehensive introduction to stage craft, public speaking, acting, movement, modelling and associated industries on request.

The stage craft component provides the strictest possible training to prepare you for the performance industry and to instil professionalism into any possible career path.  Unfortunately not everybody can achieve the 'model look' that is demanded by clients in the fashion industry; however, everyone has an intrinsic beauty that can only be enhanced by a course of this kind.


See the Calendar for dates, times and locations of our next courses. This program can also be tailored to a specific groups, schools, colleges or workplace; or undertaken in one on one coaching.


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