International Keynote Speaking

Lizzie and her team provide insightful, engaging, and outcome-focused presentations on corporate image, branding, etiquette and client interaction. Lizzie is a renowned keynote speaker with over 32 years experience as a trainer, presenter, and coach in the corporate, fashion, and media industries. Lizzie is a specialist in Eastern business etiquette & protocol working with a wide-range of international clients from China, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Corporate & Staff Training

A confident corporate image is key to your success. Staff members who lend your organisation a professional, self-assured face are guaranteed to propel your business further. Our staff and corporate training programs are certain to make you stand out in a competitive, global marketplace. Whether individuals or large-scale international organisations, Lizzie Wagner training ensures our clients have a field-leading corporate image.

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One-on-One Coaching

Changing career, seeking a promotion, wanting more confidence in the boardroom, or simply struggling to keep pace professionally? As the global marketplace moves with ever increasing speed, the demands on individuals to demonstrate across the board talent and competency often seem ceaseless.

Lizzie Wagner works with individuals on a one on one basis to help improve and refine their professional skills. Lizzie can provide expert advice on how to upgrade your professional styling, develop your public speaking or negotiating skills, learn the right techniques for TV and media appearances, or overcome your boardroom fears.

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Specialised Training

Since its birth over three decades ago, The Lizzie Wagner Group has maintained a strong commitment to community growth and development. We have worked with hundreds of community groups, service providers, educational institutions, and government bodies to deliver community-minded programs founded on an understanding of culturally sensitive training.

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Branding & Image

Staying competitive in any sector means being exemplary from start to finish. Having the right brand and personnel image is critical to attracting and retaining the right clients every time. Take your brand from bland to au fait with expert guidance from Lizzie and her team. With decades of experience in the fashion and media industries, Lizzie Wagner knows the finer points of presenting the right image to help your business reach further.

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Corporate Services

The Lizzie Wagner Group has decades of experience elevating the profile, productivity and success of hundreds or business across numerous industries. The Group specializes in creating unique training packages, and PR strategies, and manuals that fit your specific business requirements and goals. Our Conference hosting arrangements give your staff and executive team a rewarding training experience with an award-winning roster of professional speakers and change-makers.

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