Changing career, seeking a promotion, wanting more confidence in the boardroom, or simply struggling to keep pace professionally? As the global marketplace moves with ever increasing speed, the demands on individuals to demonstrate across the board talent and competency often seem ceaseless.

Lizzie Wagner works with individuals on a one on one basis to help improve and refine their professional skills. Lizzie can provide expert advice on how to upgrade your professional styling, develop your public speaking or negotiating skills, learn the right techniques for TV and media appearances, or overcome your boardroom fears.

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Personal Power

At the Lizzie Wagner Group we help clients discover and nurture their unique image and presence, to maximise their personal and professional power. We work with individuals to build on their strengths and minimise their weaknesses, so every time they walk into a room – whether it be for business or pleasure – they feel like they can hold their own!

Image and style analysis

When you look good, you feel good. And at the Lizzie Wagner Group, we enjoy helping our clients boost their self-confidence and esteem by refreshing their image.

Our Image Update courses are a great way for both sexes to review how they dress for both casual and professional settings.

Wardrobe consultation and audit

Do you keep saying you have nothing to wear, not because your closet is empty - it is probably jam packed - but what is in there doesn't seem to work. Too big, too small, too old, uncomfortable, too hard to maintain? Do you go out to buy things only to become overwhelmed and leave the store empty handed?

Personal shopping/packing for travel

Many of our clients say part of the reason they need help with their image and style, is because they just don’t know what suits them. On top of this, they find the whole shopping experience overwhelming, and generally exhausting.

To overcome this inertia, we provide our clients with a streamlined shopping experience. We take them to a few select boutiques, shops and designers, and help them choose the styles, cuts and colours that work for them.

Skin care and make-up

Correct procedures for cleansing, toning and moisturising, and for the males shaving. How to care for the skin all over. Achieving the well-groomed look. The art of make-up application. The correct use of products and appropriate tools. Makeup appropriate for the work place, enhancing features, quick and easy techniques.

Attitudes & human relations

Goal setting, building confidence, better communication, the understanding and treatment of self and others. Attitude/s including relaxation techniques, positive thinking and self motivation.


Appearance in and out of corporate code uniform. Correct co-ordination and accessorising. General wardrobe co-ordination. How to shop. Styling advice. Underwear for comfort, personal hygiene, general appearance of overall presentation and garment care, how to wear the corporate uniform correctly, when wearing own garments the correct suiting fabrics to wear for easy maintenance and presentability. Skirt length, tie length, jewellery, colours, general appropriate dressing. How to clean up and audit your current wardrobe learning styles that suit you.

The total image

Corporate options available see Staff and Corporate Training.

Also check Branding and Image.

Telephone techniques

The art of using the telephone. Telephone etiquette personally and professionally.


Appropriate behaviour in personal and professional situations. This includes hand shaking, meeting and greeting, networking, behaviour at varying events and occasions etc.

Follow ups

Affective follow up strategies, how to win the account, confidence in your service and create a happy customer base. Building on time frames, approaching the follow up. Reconnecting with past clients, on selling new services, accessing the client’s needs.

Achieving self awareness

Human relations, understanding personality types, getting your message across, self esteem, motivation and goal setting, confidence in career development. Career enhancement.

Face-to-face meetings

The stages of a sales meeting, building rapport, questioning. How to communicate in a compelling way; strategies and techniques to be more conversational. Questioning techniques, ruminative questions, probing questions, clarifying questions. Active listening and empathy Gaining commitment to receive a quote, commitment to buy or whatever the outcome is.

Putting your best foot forward

Overall image analysis, speech and communication, grooming and deportment, personal hygiene and product knowledge, business and social etiquette, protocols and procedures, self awareness a

Effective communication skills

Effective techniques in communication to achieve the desired outcome with grace, etiquette and focus on customer service.

Dealing with difficult people

Mastering the art of conflict management to confidently handle difficult people and situations. Using collaborative language based on a shared problem solving approach. Communicating with care and diplomacy to maintain business relationships.

Media liaison skills

Learning to communicated, think on your feet and skillfully handle and responding to media. How the media operates, what journalists expect and learning to develop good relationships with media

Our Group Contributors & Facilitators

The Lizzie Wagner Group has an extensive network of experienced and professional Coordinators & Facilitators to ensure our delivery to you is first class. View our Contributors & Facilitators