Business & Social Etiquette by Lizzie Wagner and Ralph Bain


The corporate world has a problem. Well, the corporate world has many recurring problems, including global trade shifts, fickle consumer trends, and access to investment funding. To such recurring woes, another problem has been added one that appears no-one dares to mention: etiquette.

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Not just social etiquette in all its forms and with all its ramifications, but essential business etiquette.
Young men and women with brilliant capabilities and high qualifications, selected for entry into generously-paid management development programs, embarrass their employers when they come into contact with important clients, simply because of the lack of etiquette.

This handbook is on western etiquette specific, a useful guide for procedures, protocol and presentation. This user friendly book is to provide a guide for self-instruction and for future reference for leaders-to-be of the bureaucratic and corporate worlds – one that they can use to help themselves reach their full and true potential.

Many of our C-Suite executives, find this extremely useful, as often times it has not been a learnt behaviour and becomes education for all the organisation, from management through to all levels of staff and can also assist in redefining organisational culture and sub-cultures, with manners and consideration of one another.


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